If you have basic questions about your natural gas account, this section of our website may be the place to locate the answers you seek to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

If you can’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to contact our office at (865) 453-3272 or toll free at 1-888-811-S·C·U·D and a customer service representative will be glad to assist you.

What may cause my gas bill to increase?

There are several factors that will cause your monthly gas bill to fluctuate from time to time. These factors include:


  • Size of your residence
  • Insulation of your residence
  • Number of natural gas appliances you have
  • Age of natural gas appliances
  • Number of people who live in your residence
  • Location of your residence

Gas Costs:

  • If temperatures are colder than normal, the demand for natural gas increases, causing the prices from our supplier to increase as well. This can affect your gas bill.

Time of the Year:

  • Since most customers heat their homes with natural gas, the amount a customer pays in the winter is usually more than at other times during the year.

What is the PGA (Purchase Gas Adjustment)?

The PGA is part of the price our customers pay for natural gas each month. It is adjusted monthly to reflect the changes in what we must pay our suppliers for gas. PGA reflects the average cost of the gas purchased. The PGA is applied to the amount of gas used during each billing period.

Why am I charged a fee during the summer when I’m not using gas?  What is a meter charge?

The meter charge is designed so that S·C·U·D can recover certain operating costs that we incur during a billing period whether gas is used or not. This includes the cost of service equipment, meter reading, billing, postage, telephone center operation, and maintenance of the S·C·U·D pipeline system. If your gas is turned off at your appliances, there is still a minimum bill.