Natural Gas Prices & Rates

We strive to bring our customers the best products for the most value. Sevier County Utility District purchases natural gas on the open market for resale to customers. Although market prices do tend to fluctuate, S·C·U·D  purchases natural gas all through the year as a way to alleviate some market price changes.

We use the market cost for natural gas for that particular month to calculate our Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA). This method allows Sevier County Utility District to maintain a reliable supply of natural gas for its customers while keeping costs as low and consistent as possible.

Below, you will find links to documents with base rates, as determined by customer class. The complete gas cost charged on each S·C·U·D  customer’s bill each month is a combination of the Base Rate plus the PGA.

Residential G1 Base Rate

Commercial G2 Base Rate

Commercial G3 Base Rate

Commercial G4 Base Rate

Commercial G5 Base Rate

Commercial G6 Base Rate

Commercial G7 Base Rate