What To Expect

All you need to know about becoming a natural gas customer is listed below.  If you have any questions about our policies or procedures, please call our Customer Service Department at (865) 453-3272, and we’ll be happy to guide you through the sign up process.

  1. First and foremost, thank you for trusting us to be your natural gas provider!  At S·C·U·D, our goal is to bring you natural gas in an efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly manner.   
    • Don’t worry about checking off this one, it’s on us!  
  2. Have you met our Customer Service Department?  They will walk you through the process and be here for you each step of the way.  When you sign up for natural gas with S·C·U·D, make sure you let us know the following:
    • Is this an existing home or new construction?  If this is a new construction home—congratulations (if it’s an existing home, congratulations to you too)—and how far along is the construction process today? 
    • What natural gas appliances will be installed? 
    • Who is the best contact, and what is the best way to reach this person? 
  3. This item is for us too, but we want you to be in the know. We are going to send a member of our team out to look at your home.  This ensures our engineering team knows all the details. For example, how far will it be from the road to the meter? The meter will usually be installed on one side of your house.  We will then mark the road with white paint; this process is for Tennessee One Call.   
    • Just so you know- when we call Tennessee One Call (this is part of our safety-first philosophy and required by law before we dig to put in the service line), it takes up to 3 business days.  Once this is completed, we will get your service line installation scheduled. 
  4. Want to know when we are coming?  Our office will give you the most up-to-date information possible! Many things can impact your service line installation such as weather, holidays, pandemics, etc.  BUT you are our NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!  We work hard to avoid delays and meet all of our timelines.
  5. Once the service line is installed, our amazing Scheduling Department will contact you and let you know.  This is where the best way to contact you comes in very handy!  We want to make sure we let the correct person know in the most efficient manner— we want you using natural gas ASAP! 
  6. This one is for you!  Please call our Scheduling Department at (865) 453-3272 to schedule the next step, your inspection! One of our trained inspectors will meet you and/or your contractor at your home to let you know if the inspection is good to go and then turn on your S·C·U·D Natural Gas Meter! 
  7. Our Scheduling Department will let you know when our restoration service crew will return.  We want your home to look as good as it did when we first arrived.
  8. This is the best so we saved it for last. WE OFFER REBATES! Ask our inspector if any of your natural gas appliances are eligible for rebates! 

Don’t be surprised if someone from S·C·U·D calls you to make sure everything went exceedingly well and that you’re cooking with gas now!  Thanks for allowing us to make your home warmer. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service.  Please let us know if you see a way we can improve— we appreciate your business! 

*You may not receive a bill for 30-45 days after we’ve turned on your gas service. 

Click on the links below to download a copy of our New Customer Sign-up Booklet!

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