Public Natural Gas Week

S·C·U·D is observing national Public Natural Gas Week from October 3rd through 9th. This week is intended to build public awareness about the value of having a community-owned natural gas utility. We want our customers to know the environmental and cost benefits of using clean, reliable and affordable natural gas.

We are proud to be a natural gas public utility. We are committed to and strongly believe in what we do at S·C·U·D. We are proud to celebrate Public Natural Gas Week each year!

Here’s a few reasons why we are proud to be in this industry:

  • Residential space heating and water heating costs show that natural gas costs less to use than other major home energy sources. Households that use natural gas appliances for heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying spend an average of $653 less per year than homes using electric appliances?
  • The natural gas industry supports the employment of nearly 3 million Americans in all 50 states.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest fossil fuel on the market today because it produces much lower emissions than other fossil fuels like coal or oil. It is also extraordinarily efficient.
  • The average American home consumes 40 percent less natural gas than it did 40 years ago. By funding natural gas efficiency programs, natural gas utilities helped customers save 136 trillion Btu of energy and offset 7.1 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions in 2012.

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